Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is a hobby with a considerable following. The recent advances in dectectors have increased the chances of one finding coins and other rare artifacts considerably.

What has changed is the machines abity to descriminate between ferrous and non ferrous metals. This saves spending the day digging up nails and horseshoes!

Metal detectors can be bought relatively cheaply. A good machine can be purchased for a couple of hunderd pounds although more sophisticated machines can cost much more.

The other thing you will need is some land to detect over and for this you will need the owners permission. However pretty soon you will be detecting coins. They may not be old hammered and valuable straight away but if you persevere soon you will come across something of interest.

If you strike it lucky and find a significant find make sure you are aware of the Treasure Trove Laws as you may have to declare the find to the authorities.

We have attached some links to sites which may be of interest.

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