Books on Hammered Coinage

There are a number of books available for all aspects of hammered coinage. Some books are incredibly detailed whilst others cover much more general aspects of the coins. Some are well illustated with good colour plates whilst some have black and white drawings.

The purchase of the books can be made via coin dealers (many of the London dealers like Spink or Baldwins have extensive coin book stores). More specialised books may take some hunting down but dealers can usually help with this. More general books on collecting can by found at most online bookstores like Amazon.

We have listed what we feel some of the best books for the beginner collector.

This "must have" book is published every year by Spink and contains illustrations and up to date prices for all English coins Celtic to Modern


A great little book introducing English hammered issues with practical steps to identify coins as well as an excellent section on mintmarks and lettering.


Useful referance book with lists of dealers as well as many other interesting articles covering all British coins.


Excellent overview of the development of European medieval coinage.