The Crowns of Henry VIII

In 1526 a new coin the Crown of the Rose was introduced to compete with the French ecu au soleil.

The Crown of the Rose coin was valued at four shillings and six pence (4s/6d), weighed 3.5 grams and had a gold content of 23 ct. It was only struck for a few months. Due to its very short circulation, there are currently only very few know specimens.

It was replaced by the more popular Crown of the Double-Rose which was valued at 5 shillings (5s), weighed 57.5 grains (3.73 grams), had a diameter of 26 mm, but had a lower gold content of 22 ct. This was the first time a gold coin had been minted below the 23c standard.

One of the most endearing features of the Crowns to collectors is the many feature the initials of Henry and his first three wives Katherine of Aragon (HK), Anne Boleyn (HA) and Jane Seymour (HI).



Crown of the Double Rose (Katherine of Aragon)

            (Courtesy of Lloyd Bennett)