Relative Values

The coinage of medieval England was based on the penny. The first penny had evolved from the Roman denarius (hence the symbol d as in 6d).

Farthing one quarter of a penny

Halfpenny half a penny

Half Groat two pence

Threepence three pence

Groat four pence

Sixpence six pence

Shilling or Testoon twelve pence

Crown five shillings

Noble (and George Noble) six shillings and eight pence

Angel six shillings and eight pence

Ryal (Rose Noble) ten shillings

Spur Ryal fifteen shillings

Sovereign or Pound twenty shillings (240 pence)

Unite twenty shillings (22 shillings from 1612)

Laurel twenty shillings

Rose Ryal thirty shillings (33 shillings from 1612)

Triple Unite sixty shillings