James I Unite


                                            Charles I Unite


                                           Charles I Half Unite

                     (Courtesy of Lloyd Bennett)



When James I (James VI of Scotland) claimed the throne the kingdoms of England and Scotland were joined and a new pound was introduced to celebrate this in 1604 called the Unite. The Irish harp and the Scottish lion now appeared in the coat of arms on the reverse. It was valued at 20 shillings but in 1612 the value was raised to 22 shillings to reflect the increase value of gold.

During the civil was unites we issued by both Charles I and Parliment. They were issue in a number of cities and Briot's hammered issue of 1638-9 included the rare Triple Unite as well as the half unite.

Hammered unites were still minted in the reign of Charles II and were replaced but the milled gold guinea in 1663.


                                       Commonwealth Unite

                  (Courtesy of Lloyd Bennett)