Tips on Collecting


There are many way to start a collection by ideally one should have a theme to link the collection together. Common themes include.

Collecting by periods. Often a reign of a monarch or dynasty. However could be a war such as the English Civil War.

Collecting by denomination. A collection of groats or angels for example.

Collecting by mints or moneyer.

Collecting by type of money. For example seige money, medieval tokens or mules.

Or a combination of any of the above. For example groats of Henry VIII from the regional mints.


It is often said that you should collect the best example that you can afford (this is often said by dealers!). However this has been wise advice in recent years as the better quality pieces have appreciated in value further than more ordinary coins. Whether this trend continues we shall see.



If you can find a dealer who you trust and knows your needs well it is worth cultivating the relationship as you will learn a lot from an experianced dealer and they can be your eyes an ears in the market if you are looking for anything specific.


Finally buy coins you love! If you see a coin that really takes your fancy buy it. It is best to have a collection of coins that you really enjoy rather than just those you feel you ought to have to complete your collection.

Never forget you are collecting for enjoyment. Value and expense should be secondary considerations. As much fun and enjoyment can be had for a collection of well worn groats as from a collection of Tudor sovereigns (probably more so as the valuable sovereigns will need to be always locked away!)