A hoard is a collection of coins or artefacts deliberated hidden often during periods of turmoil and political unrest. The advent of metal detecting has caused many hoards to be discoved in recent years. A coin from a certain hoard with help with the coin's provenance which will often increase its value. A summary of some of the more famous UK hoards is given below.

The Didcot Hoard A hoard of Roman gold and silver coins buried AD 160-169 at the end of the reign of Antonius Pius in Oxfordshire

The Hoxne Hoard Discovered by a metal detectorist in Suffolk ot contained approx 15000 Roman coins jewellery and tableware from the late 4th and early 5th century.


                 The Hoxne Hoard (c) The Trustees of the British Museum

The Cunetio (Mildenhall) Hoard. This Wiltshire find consisted on approximately 55,000 Roman silver and silver washed coins from AD 193-274. This is so far the largest single hoard of Roman coins to be found in Britain.

The Appledore Hoard This hoard from Kent consisted on approximately 500 Anglo-Saxon pennies dated to the reign of Edward the Confessor and was buried 1051-52.

The Cuerdale Hoard Found on the 15th May 1840 on the banks of the river Ribble near Preston Yorkshire this enormous hoard of Viking coins and other treasure was discovered containing over 8600 items. The bulk of this treasure remains in the British Museum


The Colchester Hoard Two hoards were found in Colchester the first in 1902 and the second in 1969. The first contained a large number of English short cross pennies (dated to 1237) and the second medieval long cross pennies (dated to 1278). It is thought the coin may have belonged to Colchester's Jewish community.

The Reigate Hoard Approximately 6700 coins consisting of gold nobles, half nobles and quarters and 6566 silver groats dated 1272 to 1455. Found by a metal detectorist in 1990 and secreted in two pots.

The Fishpool Hoard This hoard contained 1,237 coins, four rings, four pieces of jewellery and two lengths of chain. It contained gold coins including nobles, half and quarter nobles as well as French and Scottish coins. It was deposited near the village of Fishpool, Nottinghamshire in 1464 during the War of the Roses.


                            The Fishpool Hoard (c) The Trustees of the British Museum

The Tregwynt Hoard Found in Pembrokshire in 1996 it contained 33 gold and 467 silver coins and a gold ring from 1648 buried during the English Civil War.