How to Start Your Collection




There are a large number of coin dealers both in the UK and abroad. There are a number of advantages from buying direct from a dealer. Most dealers (and those worth their salt) with guarantee that the coin you buy is authentic. This guarantee should be life long and if the coin is found at anytime in the future to be fake you can refund your money. Buying a coin with a good providence from a top dealer will may also enhance the value of your coin. Many dealers are members of the BNTA (British Numismatic Trade Association) and have a code of conduct and an arbitration procedure. If a dealer is a member of this organisation it should give the purchaser some reassurance the he or she will uphold certain standards.

Many coin collectors have a good life long relationship with their favourite dealers. The dealers see huge numbers of coins and can keep an eye out for specific coins you may wish for your collection but dont have the time to look for.

The main disadvantage of a dealer is that to make a living they will add a margin to the cost of the coins and so this may be one of the more expensive (but least risky) way to fund a collection.




There are a number of coin auction houses with regular sales. There are also a number of non specific auction houses who also may sell coins. It is always worth checking with your local auctioneers to see if there is a valuables auction which may include coins; you may find a bargain! The mechanism of auction houses may vary but usually you can bid in person, by telephone or by prior bid. There is usually a buyers commission on top of the hammer price. Often prior registration is required before bidding especially in the more expensive auctions. The catalogues that are available in advance from the top houses are beautiful documents and sometimes have value themselves especially the older ones.


Online Auctions


Some auction sites have electronic auctions. This can be a great way to bid for coins. This method is similar to normal auctions but often much less hassle. The disadvantage is that you are unable to see the coins in the flesh as it were but with the quality of digital photos now you will be rarely disappointed






Ebay has a huge number of hammered coins for sale every day. There are many dealers, members of the public as well as detectorists all looking to sell their coins. However there is also the risk of fakes for sale as well. For information on avoiding fakes see ebays own articles on this subject.

However for those in the know ebay is an excellent place to pick up genuine coins at some bargain prices



Coin Fairs


A great place to see lots of coins and meet dealers. See the link to coinfairs


Find your own coins


Metal detectors have improved enormously over the years and now are very good at discriminating out the junk in the ground making it easier to find coins.